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Max Cathcart Fitness History



When I first started my fitness journey ten years ago, at 15, I didn’t know much about proper weight training or diet at all. The little exercise I did learn was from my gym sessions with the hockey team. This consisted of cardio and abs, that's pretty much it. But, I do remember the first time I really lifted weights. I discovered this whole new look while lifting. No word of a lie I had no idea what happened but I was pumped and looked a little bigger and better. I was a naturally lean and muscular kid, so I already had something to show. From 16-18 is where it all changed, this is when I got my first job at Popeyes supplements. Learning what each and every supplement do and figuring out how to practice a proper nutrition. I was so addicted to getting results that my supplement intake and nutrition was on point. I consistently did a lean bulk for 6 years! I was weight lifting 6x a week and playing hockey up to 5 days a week with an off-ice training session with the team. I remember not getting in enough calories, so I'd have to go grab something "unhealthy" and more dense to hit the calories I needed. I was taking in 5000 cals or more a day. I remember because my parents weren’t impressed that the food was gone daily. Moving forward to 22 is when I did my first cut, and it was only about 3 months, I remember it being absolute hell. This was just because I had a short time frame to get cut for my first shoot in L.A. I was eating the same 4 meals for 90 plus days straight. I got where I wanted to be, but it was battle. Now I have changed my diet to a flexible approach and still get those results with the food I like. I’ve made my physique and wellbeing my priority, while doing what I love and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.




Born and raised in Alberta, I grew up playing and excelling in hockey, Motocross, Lacrosse. Soon to notice I was better at hockey than the other two I participated in. So, dropped everything and focused on hockey till I was 20, then found out my love for health and training was going to win. I've focused on my health and training ever since.

I started out working at Popeyes supplements then shifting to pouring concrete foundations with the focus of being a firefighter. Taking my Ems classes as I had a full-time job. Shortly after graduation I decided this was not what I’d like to do, got another job at a paving company and went back to school for fitness and nutrition.

When I’m not in the gym, kitchen, or working, I’ll be enjoying the outdoors on my dirt bike or in the shop working on my next truck build. These are things I do for my mind to enter a place that nothing will disturb it. The phones away and it's wrench time. I also take the time and play a few rounds of golf a year. I really enjoy the game most days, I mean we all have an off game and start throwing clubs, but for the most part Its one of my favourite things to do.

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